Social Media and Electronic Communication

Did you know that 15.8 million Australians are on social media, and 57% of them are active at least once a day? This means that even if your business is not on social media, it is very likely your employees are.

This engaging online compliance course explores employee’s responsibilities around the use of social media, both at work and after work hours. It also explores the consequences arising from the inappropriate use of social media, emails, text message and other forms of electronic communication.

This online compliance training course is developed in partnership with leading employment law firm People + Culture Strategies.

Compliance Training Features

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Key Points

Important points highlighted and discussed.
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Case Studies

Learn from real-world case studies for practical application.
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Legal Issues

Simple and accessible discussion of legal content.
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Audio & Video

Engaging audio and video content brings training to life.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Educate employees regarding the risks relating to social media and electronic communications
  • Prevent inappropriate behaviour via social media or electronic communications
  • Protect your business from reputational damage arising from inappropriate behaviour
  • Deliver consistent, engaging, cost-effective training to all your employees

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the risks associated with social media and electronic communication
  • Understand the risks associated with social media and electronic communication
  • Practical case studies illustrating inappropriate behaviours and their consequences
  • Strategies to prevent and address breaches of workplace health and safety laws


  • Approximately 45 minutes

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