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When a new employee starts, it can be difficult to find the time to train them in essential topics like workplace safety and appropriate behaviour before they launch into their new roles.

Online compliance training could be the answer. Employees can complete online training at their desks or before they even start, keeping your business compliant and saving you time on delivery.

CourseGenius has just launched a new suite of legally compliant pre-built online courses to allow you to flexibly train your staff. They’ll also help you combat the risk of employees slipping through the cracks and missing their compliance training altogether.

Our legally-authored courses (outlined below) have been developed by leading Australian law firm People + Culture Strategies. These courses are designed to take the stress out of training your new and existing staff and complement the compliance training you already deliver.

What’s new?

Workplace Health and Safety 

There were 106,565 “serious” workers’ compensation claims lodged in Australia in 2013-14. Although this was a 13% drop from the previous year, we’re sure it’s a risk you’d prefer to avoid.

This course will help your employees understand the importance of workplace health and safety. It will also explore the role they play in managing health and safety issues to keep the work environment safe for everyone.

This 45 minute course will:

  • help prevent workplace accidents and injuries
  • reduce your risk of fines for breaches of workplace health and safety laws
  • empower your employees by educating them on their rights and responsibilities

Workplace Bullying and Harassment 

Safe Work Australia estimates that work-related stress and bullying can cost Australian employers up to $693 million each year. This course will help your employees understand, recognise and prevent bullying behaviour in the workplace and educate them on what to do if they are experiencing bullying or harassment at work.

This 45 minute course will:

  • help prevent incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination in your workplace
  • protect individual employees and your organisation from the negative effects of bullying and  harassment
  • reduce your risk of fines or reputational damage resulting from breaches

Social Media and Electronic Communications 

15.8 million Australians are on social media and 57% are active daily. Even if your business doesn’t actively engage with social media, your employees probably do.

This course dives into your employees’ responsibilities around the use of social media, both at work and after work hours. It also explores the consequences of inappropriate use of social media, emails, text messages and other forms of electronic communication.

This 45 minute course will:

  • educate employees about the risks relating to social media and electronic communications
  • Identify inappropriate behaviours including bullying, harassment and discrimination via electronic communications
  • protect your business from reputational damage arising from inappropriate behaviour

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