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Valuing employee learning and development.

Learning and development strategies are essential for organisations of all sizes to ensure employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to fulfil their roles. Some other reasons learning and development is essential include:

1. Increased Employee Engagement

Great learning and development helps employees to feel more engaged and valued by your organisation. Ongoing training and development also ensures employees take on and maintain your organisational values, culture and processes, improving their effectiveness in their roles.

2. Improved Productivity

Ongoing training and development builds staff competence and confidence in the ability to do their jobs. Providing opportunities for employee learning and development also helps maintain interest and enthusiasm in work, leading to improved performance and productivity.

3. Compliance & Risk Management

Continuous learning and development is also a critical part of risk management and compliance for organisations of all sizes. Ongoing training and development ensures that employee’s skills and knowledge are kept up to date, reducing the risk of mistakes which may cost your organisation.

Why choose online training and development?

You can save time and money by putting your learning and development resources online, as well as reducing the risks associated with traditional face-to-face training.

Online training and development reduces the need for traditional face-to-face training which is often time-intensive and repetitive. Online training and development is faster and more efficient, saving you time and eliminating costly paper trails.
Deliver consistent training to every employee through online learning and development courses. Ensure your organisational values, culture and processes are communicated clearly, to help employees be more effective and productive in their roles.
Make your learning and development opportunities available to all employees at the click of a mouse. Employees can login securely and complete their online training from any smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection, anywhere and anytime. It’s that easy.
Online training and development is the most effective way to manage your compliance obligations. Ensure all employees’ skills and knowledge are up to date by allocating specific training, then monitor each employee’s progress online and track compliance in real time.

Why choose CourseGenius?

It’s never been easier to put your learning and development resources online. With CourseGenius, everything you need for online training is in one place.

Easy to Use

CourseGenius is easy to use, with no technical experience required. You can create and publish your own engaging online training courses, deliver these to employees on any device, then track progress and compliance in real-time.

Manage Yourself

Easily create and allocate online training courses to employees, then track compliance online to ensure your organisation is fulfilling its legal obligations. Employees can login and complete their training using a secure password through any web browser.

Mobile Friendly

Easily create your online training and development resources, then deliver these to your employees on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Our mobile first learning design means seamless delivery to any device.

Stress-Free Cloud Solution

CourseGenius is available anywhere, anytime on any device. No need to install, upgrade or backup anything. We take care of all the technical details, leaving you with more time to develop great training and development opportunities.

Create Online Training in Minutes

Use your existing training resources to create online training in minutes. Add your own text, images, audio and video using our easy drag-and-drop course creation interface. You can also add quiz questions and assessments to make sure employees learn what you need them to know.

Engaging and Effective

Your employees will love the interactive, self-paced learning experience as well as the flexibility of completing their training and development on any device, anywhere and anytime. Staff can also revisit their past online training anytime to refresh their knowledge and understanding on any topic.

Detailed Reporting and Tracking

You can monitor employees’ progress and track outcomes easily. Produce real-time reports and track compliance with our detailed tracking and reporting tools. Employees also receive certificates for each course completed.

Fantastic Customer Support

You can count on our friendly Australian customer support staff to help you with any questions you have, or visit our comprehensive Support Portal after hours. We’re here to help!

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