Showcase Your Online Courses

Showcase your online courses in style in your very own online store, giving learners the option to browse, buy and learn 24/7.

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    Online Courses Store

    Use your branded online courses store to provide your learners with a central, one-stop shop for all their e-learning needs. Your store will be fully integrated with our advanced e-commerce tools, allowing you to market and sell your courses quickly and easily.
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    Course Snapshots

    Create short course “snapshots” to put in your online store to promote your courses to customers 24/7. Add an image plus the title, duration and price, plus a short summary which learners can read to learn more about each course.
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    Fully Automated Purchase Process

    Using our fully automated purchase process, your learners will be able to browse your online courses, buy them using our secure payment facility and then learn online. Save time and money as your learners’ self-service without the need for manual processes or staff support from your end.
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