e-Learning Portal

All of your learners will automatically receive access to a personal e-learning portal which will enable them to easily manage their online learning from one central location. 

  • Two arrows icon for start and resume online courses

    Start and Resume Online Courses

    Learners can start and resume online courses anywhere and anytime by logging into their personal e-learning portal.  They can even start a course on their computer at work, then resume the course at home on their iPhone or iPad.
  • Tablet icon with report for e learning management system

    Track Course Progress

    Learners can track course progress and identify which courses they need complete in order to satisfy their compliance requirements, all from one central location.
  • Certificate icon for e learning management system

    Download and Print Certificates

    Learners can download and print certificates for any online course they complete.  This is a great feature for learners who need to track their online learning as part of their compliance training.
  • Speech bubble icon for feedback on e learning management system

    Provide Feedback on Online Courses

    Learners can provide feedback on online courses they complete, providing you will valuable market research data.
  • Document with plus sign for downloads on e learning management system

    Access Additional Resources

    Learners can download and access additional resources you upload for each course including PowerPoint files, Word documents, Audio recordings and Excel Spreadsheets. 
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