Create Quizzes and Assessments

Enhance the educational experience for your learners by creating simple quizzes or assessments for your online courses.  Select from different question formats and provide feedback on answers to test your learners’ understanding of course material.

  • Black box with blue check mark for building an online course with quiz


    Add quiz questions at any point in your online courses as a quick knowledge check. All questions are automatically marked and you can add answer feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • Document with writing and tick for building an online course with assessment


    Create end of course assessments to more formally test understanding and comprehension and set your own pass/fail mark. All assessments are automatically graded and learners receive detailed feedback at the end of each assessment.
  • Two speech bubbles to show question types to add when building an online course

    Multiple Question Types

    Choose from single-answer multiple choice questions, multi-answer multiple choice questions and true/false questions to populate your quizzes and assessments.  Add answer feedback to enhance your learners’ educational experience.
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