Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

Everyone has an important role to play in creating and maintaining a workplace that promotes equal opportunities for all employees. But discrimination can come in many forms, and it is not always easy to identify and address these issues when they arise.

This engaging online compliance training course helps employees to understand their rights at work, and their obligations towards others, when it comes to preventing and addressing discrimination in the workplace.

This online compliance training course is developed in partnership with leading employment law firm People + Culture Strategies.

Compliance Training Features

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Key Points

Important points highlighted and discussed.

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Case Studies

Learn from real-world case studies for practical application.

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Legal Issues

Simple and accessible discussion of legal content.

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Audio & Video

Engaging audio and video content brings training to life.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Help prevent incidents of discrimination and harassment in your workplace
  • Promote a more positive and inclusive workplace environment for all employees
  • Protect individual employees and your organisation from the negative impact of discrimination
  • Empower your employees by educating them on their rights and responsibilities
  • Deliver consistent, engaging, cost-effective training to all your employees

Key Learning Objectives

  • Overview of the laws designed to prevent workplace discrimination and promote equal opportunity in Australia
  • Identify inappropriate behaviours including sexual harassment, disability discrimination and racial harassment.
  • Practical case studies illustrating inappropriate behaviours and their consequences
  • Strategies to prevent and address discrimination and manage complaints


  • Approximately 45 minutes
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