Microlearning: How to Adapt Your Training to the Newest Trend

Upwardly Mobile: Are Smartphones the Next eLearning Tool?

Tip of the Month: The Art of Writing the MCQ

Fashion Police – When Safety and Fashion Collide

Champion Positive Workplace Culture with Training

Compliance Made Easy – New Online Courses Available

Streamline Your Reporting with User Groups

Taking advantage of User Groups in online learning software

We’ve got some great news – the most requested feature from our CourseGenius customer community is now available! Our new “User Groups” feature makes it easier to administer your online courses and to do more streamlined reporting. Read on for a quick overview about how User Groups makes it easier for you to manage online courses.

Top 4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for Staff Training

Image of four workers doing online training on an elearning platform

Small businesses face unique challenges compared to CEOs at large enterprises. One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses is hiring and retaining staff. Bringing a new employee onboard can cost as much as 4 times their annual salary. A big part of this is training costs – training the new employee to the point they can work safely and productively in the business. And then like most businesses, you’ll probably spend $700 to $1,100 per employee annually on ongoing training. This ongoing training is great for up skilling employees and improving retention (particularly for millennials) but it all costs you real money. So what are some cost effective alternatives to traditional staff training sessions?

3 Reasons To Use YouTube in Your Online Courses

Image of keyboard with red play button for video training platform

YouTube has evolved beyond pure entertainment to become a fantastic source for educational video content. In this post we will look at some great reasons for using YouTube in your online courses.

How to Choose the Best Course Authoring Tool

Man in suit selecting an icon from a group for course authoring

If you’re just getting started out in online learning, one of your first big decisions will be selecting a course authoring tool. But there are so many different options out there it can be overwhelming!

This blog article looks at the pros and cons of the two main methods of authoring online learning: web-based vs desktop tools. We’ve also included a list of handy questions you can run through at the end to help you decide which solution is best for you.


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