Why Are More Businesses Investing in Online Learning?

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Ninety-seven per cent of organisations plan to implement or continue to use learning technology in their businesses, according to Brandon Hall Group’s latest study. Forty-one per cent of these companies added delivering online learning on mobile devices was a top priority.

Are you following the lead of these innovative companies?

If not, and you’re wondering why so many organisations are investing in online learning already, read on.

Startling statistics

The statistics really speak for themselves. Businesses that introduce an online learning solution see significant improvements in key performance indicators for employees and for business performance. Here are some examples.

Lower training costs

Did you know Australian businesses spend around $9.2 billion annually on staff training? Well, when you probably spend up to $1000 per year training each of your employees, it’s hardly surprising.

By training your staff online, you can reduce your training costs by 25% or $250 per employee every year. You won’t need to hire an instructor or engage one of your in-house experts and your employees will spend less time away from their desks as they won’t need to travel. It’s really a win-win situation.

Increased engagement

At a time when your business might be feeling the crunch, introducing online learning might not just save you money, it might save you staff too. 

Businesses who use online learning record a 16% reduction in staff turnover and the staff who remain are 53% more engaged.

On top of that, over 20% of millennial workers rate “training and development opportunities” as more important than any other work related benefits. This next generation of workers will make up 75% of your workforce by 2025 and as they are more tech savvy than other generations, they’re more likely to fully appreciate the flexibility to learn on their smartphone or tablet.

Learning on the go

Mobile learning – eLearning’s elusive cousin – is gaining momentum and when more than 80% of Australian use their smartphones daily that’s no surprise. Mobile learning helps increase the reach of your training amongst all cohorts, particularly your millennial workers.

Mobile learning is accessible to learners on-the-go and your employees can even access courses when they travel overseas. It’s also extremely flexible and can be bundled with your other online learning courses for a high-tech approach to learning.

Business performance

Can you really afford to ignore a solution that can boost revenue by 40%? Or boost employee productivity by 53%? These are just some of the performance boosts that businesses introducing online learning solutions are achieving. Online learning doesn’t have the same restrictions of time and location that traditional staff training does. Your employees can keep working during busy times and train when things slow down, allowing your business to tick along nicely all year round without having to stop for mandatory training, like compliance training.

Want to see these benefits in your business? Sign up for a free trial of the CourseGenius learning platform today. 

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