Top 4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for Staff Training

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Small businesses face unique challenges compared to CEOs at large enterprises. One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses is hiring and retaining staff. Bringing a new employee onboard can cost as much as 4 times their annual salary. A big part of this is training costs – training the new employee to the point they can work safely and productively in the business. And then like most businesses, you’ll probably spend $700 to $1,100 per employee annually on ongoing training. This ongoing training is great for up skilling employees and improving retention (particularly for millennials) but it all costs you real money. So what are some cost effective alternatives to traditional staff training sessions?

How Online Training Can Help Small Businesses

Many small businesses are making the move to delivering staff training online as a cost effective alternative to traditional classroom based training. Small businesses are well placed to make this move as they are more agile than larger enterprises, and can more easily adopt new technologies to solve problems. And with the growing range of available online learning tools, now is a great time for you to consider the benefits of using eLearning for staff training.

1. Affordable Solution

Staff training is one of the costliest investments your business can make. Bringing a new employee onboard costs as much as 4 times their annual salary) and a lot of this is training costs. These costs can include the cost of structured training or time spent by managers and key staff training your new employee. Then there are the ongoing costs of training your staff which can average between $700 to $1,100 per employee annually. Staff training is essential, but it all costs your business real money. And Australian businesses are spending big – around $9.2 billion annually on staff training.

Online training is an affordable, cost-effective alternative to classroom based staff training. It means your business can avoid recurring costs for trainer time (or staff time), venue hire, employee travel, and hardcopy resources. Instead, the trainer can present one session which you record and distribute online to multiple batches of learners. It’s no wonder that online staff training is up to 93% cheaper than instructor-led training.

2. Turn Downtime into Training Time

One of the best things about eLearning is that it’s accessible anywhere and anytime. This makes it possible for your staff to learn at work, at home, or even in transit on their smartphone or tablet. Online staff training is immediate – it’s available to all your staff, anywhere they have an internet connection. You don’t need to wait until everyone is available to attend a training session. Instead, you can schedule time for staff to complete eLearning during slower periods, turning downtime into training time. This is a great example of how online staff training can improve the productivity of your business.

Online training also allows your staff to learn at their own pace and where is most comfortable for them. In a classroom based training session, everyone needs to keep to the same schedule. Online training allows staff to finish quickly if they understand the material and more slowly if they need more time to absorb the key concepts. This is what makes e-learning ideal for staff no matter what their level of experience.

3. Easy and Fun Way to Learn

Online training can be interactive and dynamic, which makes it a fun way to learn. Great e-learning transforms training from a chore to an exciting and engaging experience for your staff. Investing in engaging online training can also have other benefits like improved staff satisfaction and retention, particularly among millennials. Studies have also shown that people who learn online perform better on average than those who learn through traditional classroom based training. So your employees are more likely to remember and apply what they learn if they do it online rather than in a face to face training session.

There are a growing range of available online learning tools you can use to create interactive and engaging e-learning. Using an online learning platform like CourseGenius, you can easily add hyperlinks, drag-and-drop activities, quiz questions, images and case studies to create great online training courses for your staff. You can also upload audio and video recordings of past training sessions then add a short assessment to check your staff understood the material covered. The possibilities are limitless.

4. Great Way to Retain Staff

Investing in training and development opportunities for your staff is a great way to keep people in your business. Training is particularly important for millennials, who will make up more than 75% of the Australian workforce by 2025. Recent studies show that millennial workers swap jobs twice as quickly as workers from older generations, and that only 16% of millennials see themselves working for the same employer ten years down the track. Given the huge costs involved in hiring new staff, this makes finding effective ways to retain millennial workers critical for small businesses.

The great news is that millennials don’t want a pay rise – they want training. Over 20% of millennial workers say that training and development opportunities are the most valuable work-related benefit. Training opportunities rank well ahead of incentives like cash bonuses, more vacation time, or even a company car.

Online training provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with and retain millennial workers. You can provide staff with learning material available on-demand, anywhere and anytime they want to learn. And as millennials are usually more tech-savvy than other generations, they are likely to fully appreciate the flexibility to learn on their smartphone or tablet.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to get started with training your staff online. We can help you kick start your online training with a free guided tour of the CourseGenius learning platform, or you can get started in minutes with a free trial. Happy learning!

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