Three Ways to Engage New Hires Using eLearning

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As a manager, finding and keeping the best employees for your business is one of your top priorities. Creating an employee engagement strategy that actually works is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Depending on your company’s size and the geographical location of your offices and employees, your engagement strategy could include a mixture of face-to-face meetings, online learning activities and educational programs. Every activity should be tailored to suit the needs of your company and employees. It’s also important to regularly review your strategy to make sure all elements are working seamlessly together.

In this article, we focus on how you can use eLearning software to create online learning activities as part of your employee engagement strategy. We’ll show how these eLearning activities can help you engage new employees by:

  • delivering more timely induction training
  • providing essential safety and compliance training in a new and engaging way
  • offering exciting opportunities to upskill using eLearning

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1. Induction from day one

Your employee induction program is how you begin to share your company’s vision, purpose and values with new hires. Sometimes there just isn’t time to do this on an employee’s first day and many businesses wait until they have a handful of employees to induct before they hold a formal induction session. But every day you delay an induction increases the potential for disconnect between new employees and the company.

To minimize any delay in engaging your new employees with your business, an online induction delivered using eLearning software can be their first task. If they’re really keen, they can even complete it before they start!  

What should I include in an online induction?

For maximum effect, the eLearning component of your online induction can feature:

  • a welcome message from the CEO/General Manager
  • your company vision, mission and purpose
  • information about the company structure and where the new employee fits in
  • an overview of the different departments or sections
  • information about key company policies – particularly those relating to workplace safety, appropriate behaviour and other key topics.
  • information about your employee assistance program (if you have one) and what employees should do if they have any grievances with their team or management
  • any other information relevant to your business’ specific needs

Giving your employees the opportunity to work through an online induction at their own pace means they are more likely to retain and understand the information covered. You can also reinforce key points and give new hires the opportunity to ask questions in a follow-up face-to-face session.

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2. Essential safety and compliance training

Ensuring your company offers safety and compliance training that is up to date and relevant to your business is essential – both for legal compliance and for your workplace culture.

Providing appropriate safety and compliance training ensures a safer, fairer workplace – which will lead to happier and more engaged employees. eLearning software is a great tool to help you create online compliance training. You can create this once, then use it educate your employees about your current policies, both when they first join your company and to provide refresher training throughout their employment. Your employees can complete the online compliance training at their own pace when time permits, and you can feel confident that they are across their rights and obligations to the business and their colleagues.

What online compliance training do I need?

Online compliance training can encompass areas like:

  • Workplace health and safety
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Social media and electronic communications
  • Equal opportunity in the workplace
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace

If you don’t have time to create your own online compliance training, you can use pre-built online compliance training courses to complement your own company policies and training.

3. Upskilling through eLearning

You can create a dynamic culture of learning within your organisation by giving staff the opportunity to learn and develop their skills using eLearning. Your new hires will be inspired to take charge of their learning and development when current employees tell them about their own skills development through your eLearning programs. You can even create an employee learning and development template which new hires can complete during their first few months on the job to map the skills they want to develop over the coming year. Rather than being a performance management tool, this learning and development plan can be used to empower employees to take control of their own skills development.

As part of putting the plan into action, new employees can choose from a list of courses you have already created using your eLearning software. You can also give employees the option to request new courses. This is an excellent way to gauge employee interest in your eLearning and drive your organisation’s broader employee development strategy too.

What should a learning and development plan include?

A typical employee learning and development plan might include:

  • a list of the employee’s perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • skills they would like to develop over the coming year
  • how they plan to develop these skills – through eLearning, mentoring or face-to-face training
  • details of the courses you currently offer
  • space for the employee to request new courses

A learning and development plan empowers your employees to be the drivers of their own development and success. By encouraging them to build upon their existing skills and learn new skills from their first day on the job, you’ll foster a more engaged and high-achieving workforce into the future.

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