Streamline Your Reporting with User Groups

Taking advantage of User Groups in online learning software

We’ve got some great news – the most requested feature from our CourseGenius customer community is now available! Our new “User Groups” feature makes it easier to administer your online courses and to do more streamlined reporting.

There are two main scenarios where the “User Groups” feature can help.

  1. Custom Reporting: You sell online courses to a number of different companies using your CourseGenius platform, and want to produce separate reports for each company on their learners’ progress and outcomes.
  2. Streamline Administration: You want to allocate specific types of online training to different groups of staff in your business (e.g. sales vs customer support staff) and need an easier way to do this than allocating to each staff member manually.

There are lots of variations on this theme, but you get the idea: You need an easy way to organise your learners into groups and then use those groups to streamline administration and reporting. And now you have  this at your fingertips because the User Groups feature is enabled for all CourseGenius customers on paid plans.

To help you get off to a flying start with User Groups, we’ve provided two examples of how User Groups can be used in practice to streamline reporting and administration in your online training platform.

Example 1 – Custom Reporting

Challenge: Reporting for Multiple Organisations

Imagine you run a training services business that creates online courses on Workplace Health and Safety, then sells access to these online courses to other companies. Your business is growing rapidly and you already have 24 different companies using your online courses for compliance training. But these companies all want you to send them quarterly reports so they can track whether their staff are meeting their compliance requirements. Compiling these reports manually is taking a lot of time, and you need a better way to manage this.

Solution: Create User Groups to Streamline Reporting

You can now set up a User Group for each company that requires reports from you. Once you create the User Group you can add all of the learners from each company to their specific User Group. You can even create sub-groups within a User Group. For example, for ABC Childcare you might have a sub-group for childcare workers and another for administration staff (as shown below).

Now that you have set up your User Groups for each company and added their learners, you can produce custom reports to suit each company’s needs. To do this, just open the Course Completion Report and filter by the name of your customer to produce the report ready for export. For example, you could produce a report for XYZ Sprockets’ North Sydney Branch by filtering as shown below.

Example 2 – Streamline Administration

Challenge: Meeting Different Training Needs

Imagine you are the HR manager of a surf wear company. You need to make sure all of the staff take an annual refresher course on the company Social Media Usage Policy. You also need to make sure the New Product Lines 2016 course is delivered, but only to staff in the sales team. So how can you achieve this without needing to manually allocate each course to the staff?

Solution: Create User Groups to Streamline Administration

You can now set up a User Group for each team or division within your company. For example, customer support, marketing, products, sales and R&D, as shown below. Once you have created the User Group, you can add the relevant staff to each group.


Next you head over to Allocate Courses and add filters using the User Groups you have set up to allocate the relevant training courses to the staff members in each team.

Ready to Get Started?

User Groups are now available for all paid CourseGenius customers, so feel free to try them out to save yourself time with your reporting. If you need a hand getting started, there are step-by-step instructions for setting up User Groups in our Help Portal. We’re always happy to help.

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