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You’ve created your online course and it’s now time to go to market – so where do you start?

Alongside email marketing and social media, blogging is an excellent tool to incorporate into your overall marketing plan to sell courses online. The more you blog, the more leads you get, according to inbound marketing and sales platform Hubspot. They report that B2C (business to consumer) companies that blog more than 10 times per month get more than four times as many leads as those that blog 4-5 times per month.  

In this article, we go through some tips on how you can launch a blog to engage your customers and sell your online courses!

Blog for your customers

Your blog should speak to your customers and tell them how your online courses will help them to succeed. A blog post doesn’t have to be an intimidating 1000-word piece of writing. In fact, the simpler it is, the better! The most important thing is to keep your blog informative and targeted to your customers’ needs at all times. Make sure your readers leave your blog page with new information that will help them.

Say, for instance, you are a florist who wants to sell courses online in flower arranging. Your aim would be to ensure your customers (who are already interested in floristry) gained new information about styling, colours and different aspects of floristry every time they visit your blog.

How to pick your blog topics

When you’re picking your blog topics, think about:

  • what you know
  • what content you have
  • what will resonate with your customers

You may already have content – your course content for example – that you could mould into a blog post. Even if you’ve only created one online course, you’ve already got the content you need to write at least 2-3 blog posts. Your main aim here is to make sure whatever topic you choose is what your customers want to read.

Don’t be afraid to give some information away for free – you’ll attract more paying customers if you show them just a taste of your knowledge and expertise!

Imagine you’re a florist again. You want to share your skills and knowledge with people who already have a keen interest in flower arranging, but don’t have the technical skills.

Here are some examples of blogs they might be interested in:

  • 5 Tips for a Simple At-Home Flower Arrangement
  • A Day in the Life of a Florist
  • 10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Flowers that are not Roses!
  • 6 Trends in Wedding Flowers Right Now

How-to guides and listicles are great at catching customers’ attention – your next job is to keep them engaged with your tone of voice and writing style. 

Florist writes blog to sell courses online

How to talk to your customers through your blog

Your blog is a way for you to engage your customers and persuade them your online courses will fulfill their needs. To do this, you need to speak to your customers on their level.

Back to the florist: If your flower arranging courses are aimed at people who want to learn this new skill for a specific occasion – their wedding, or a friend’s wedding for example – they’ll appreciate content that is specific to their needs, helpful and available when they need it.

However, if your online courses are focused on flower arranging as a long-term hobby, your demographic might shift to a group that is older (think baby boomer retirees) who want to incorporate their new hobby into their life with a longer course. They’ll prefer reading articles covering a more diverse exploration of flower arranging that will give them an idea of the different techniques and types of flowers they can use.

Think about your brand and your customer and most importantly: be consistent. Talk to your customers in a language they understand and relate to, and stay true to your own brand at the same time. 

Where to publish your blog

Before you start writing, you need to figure out where you are going to publish your blog to effectively reach your customers and sell courses online.

You have a few options. A dedicated blog page on your website is ideal. If you don’t have a website, content management systems like Wordpress and web development platforms like Wix make it easy to create simple blogs and websites to suit your budget (some are free!). Having your own platform for publishing your content means it’s easy to link and share your articles.

Another option is publishing a long-form post on a social media platform like LinkedIn. This offers you easy sharing options, but since you can’t publish a long-form post directly from a business page, you will need to use your personal LinkedIn profile and then share via your business page (if you have one).

An online publishing platform like Medium is another way to get the word out about your online course. Once published on Medium, you can share your post on your social media channels while also gaining engagement within the Medium community. 

Imagine you are the florist again. To sell courses online in flower arranging, your own website and your personal LinkedIn would be ideal places to publish your blogs. Then you just have to share it!    

Sharing your blogs

Your blog can’t do its job if you don’t share it. Here are some ways you can get your content out amongst your potential customers:

  • share your blog on social media – sharing your blogs on the social media platforms your customers are on may not instantly get your sales, but it will keep you front of mind when your potential customers are looking to buy.
  • include your blog in your newsletter – linking to your blogs in your email marketing will show your potential and current customers you are an expert in your field and you do more than just sell courses! 
  • post in online forums and communities – sharing your blogs in relevant online forums and communities related to your field (LinkedIn Groups are a great start) will help you gain followers who are specifically interested in your topic.

Back to flower arranging one last time. You could share your blog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach your younger followers. Your email newsletter would be the perfect place to reach your more mature flower arrangers and online forums about flower arranging would capture the whole lot!

Why not get started today? You can sell courses online with CourseGenius. Sign up for your free trial to put these tips into practice!

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