Disrupting Safety: Revolutionising Induction Safety Training with eLearning

Advanced Safety NZ is taking advantage of technology to maximise its reach and voice

Matt Jones first started working full time in health and safety after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Six years later, Matt runs Advanced Safety NZ – a health and safety consultancy which helps businesses make sense of New Zealand’s new Health and Safety at Work Act.

His new business model is disrupting how companies conduct their health and safety training by delivering high quality, low-cost safety training online.

Having worked as both an in-house health and safety manager and a safety consultant across various industries, Matt knew what his clients needed – specialised safety induction training that allowed management to easily track and report on employee progress. He also knew that, as a one-man team, delivering this as traditional face-to-face training wasn’t going to be sustainable for his business.

Like many young consultancies, Matt has big ideas but limited resources. He’s found that delivering his health and safety training to businesses online using the CourseGenius platform has enabled him to expand his consultancy without stretching himself too thin.  It also provides a solution to his clients’ issues of tracking the consistency and progress of their employees’ safety training.

“One of my limitations at the moment, is that I’m only one person,” Matt says. “Using a platform like this means I can reach out across the entire country and across all of my client base. I've recently submitted a tender for work in Western Australia. It allows me to potentially have an international presence.” 

Time is money

Delivering his training online using the CourseGenius platform has allowed Matt to expand his business while maintaining low overheads. He’s reduced travel time, training time and all the costs associated with it. It’s not only saving his business time and money - he also passes these savings onto his clients. This makes his consultancy highly competitive as he can charge his clients a small percentage of his competitors’ fees.

“It's allowed me to reduce the cost of training to the client. Normally I would charge my hourly rate plus travel, plus the time it takes to create the content,” Matt says. 

“All of a sudden that's removed from the equation and I can provide a really sophisticated, market-leading product that's a tiny percentage of what other providers are selling.”

Learner types 

Matt says using online courses for safety inductions – as his clients now do – means employees consistently learn the same content, they are accountable for their learning and managers can track progress easily – which means no one can slip through the cracks.

“Suddenly everyone is far more confident it's getting done and the message is far more consistent,” Matt says.

Matt is also using CourseGenius to explore and accommodate how different people learn using video, audio and images. He believes conducting “knowledge checks” at the end of each section ensures learners are retaining the information and are actually completing each module.

“Traditionally there has been the risk that those who have been exposed to eLearning before can click through the course really quickly without reading the material,” Matt says. 

“This stops that and forces the individual to think before supplying an answer.”

Mat Jones can provide a really sophisticated, market leading product using CourseGenius

Technology for expansion

Technology has opened doors for Matt and Advanced Safety and he believes anyone in a similar position to him should take advantage of the technology available to them to expand their business.

“For a growing consultancy where resources are limited, that have heaps of ideas and a receptive market, the obvious direction to take is to use the technology and platforms available to maximise your reach and your voice,” Matt says 

“That's why I turned to social media and online training. It’s gone beyond our borders - It's allowed me to reach out to Australia from my office space.” 

Matt’s advice to fellow consultants and experts thinking about creating online courses is to be brave and just do it!

“Often people plan and worry about the meaning of a word, they become busy and the plan gets dropped and then there’s all this regret at the end of the year. 

“Whereas, I say just make a start, and it might not be perfect straight away but with a few tweaks and changes it could become a great product.”

For his fellow safety professionals in New Zealand, Matt also has advice: 

“Don't wait for permission.  Everyone is really scared to stick their necks out because they are a little unsure of the new act. We’re in a place right now where we need people to be brave and to step up and say this is how it could be done.” 

“Get on with it and be brave.”

What next?

Matt says he won’t stop at induction training. His growing business is on the verge of expansion and in the future he plans to deliver online health and safety training targeted at various roles within an organisation – Directors and Board members, senior management and supervisors, workplace visitors, and contractors. His aim is to educate everyone within an organisation about their obligations and responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act and make sure there is consistent training at every level using the CourseGenius platform.

“When I'm in front of a board, I'll tell them that under the act they are considered an ‘officer’ and they'll often look at me, nod and presume what I am about to say next,” Matt says.

“I then ask them how confident they are that they’re meeting their ‘six duties of an officer’ and I’m met with blank stares.

“I personally feel that's a reflection of 90% of the senior leaders in the country, they simply haven't had the exposure they need.

“I really think this is a platform that will help them to get their heads around their responsibilities very quickly.”

Are you ready to share your knowledge and expertise with the world? Sign up for a free trial of CourseGenius to follow Matt’s lead.  

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