How eLearning Benefits Your Business

Saving money with eLearning Management System

eLearning isn’t a fad that will go away. It’s saving businesses thousands of dollars each year so as long as there are staff to train, it will be around.

In tangible terms, eLearning saves businesses up to 25% on the cost of staff training annually and more when you take its other benefits – like staff retention and saving business leaders’ time – into consideration.

eLearning opens the door for you to take greater control over your employee training.  By creating one course that's delivered to all your employees, you can ensure everyone receives great training - all the time!

How eLearning saves businesses real money

Retain your best employees

You already know happy employees are more likely to stick with you, as well as work more productively. You also know recruiting a new employee can cost a lot of money – up to 400% of their annual salary. So what can you do to make sure your employees stay?

Train them online!

Businesses who use eLearning record a 16% reduction in staff turnover and the staff who remain are 53% more engaged. This is because many employees value training and development opportunities more than any other work-related benefits – even more than pay rises. Giving your staff the opportunity to upskill – online and on-demand – is one of the greatest benefits of eLearning.

By introducing eLearning, you also give regionally- and internationally-based staff an opportunity to be included in staff training they haven’t had before. This inclusion will increase their engagement with your company, even from a distance.  

Effective use of YOUR time

You know better than anyone that onboarding a new staff member takes time and costs a lot of money. What if there was a way for you to create your induction course once and not have to spend hours teaching new employees the ins and outs of your business again? eLearning is the answer!

You can take all the material you already have and create an online, on-demand course for new employees to access when they start (or even before their first day). You can also choose to take a blended approach – by including some face-to-face training – or complete the entire induction course series online.

Since you will only have to create your courses once, moving your induction and internal staff training online frees up your time, while still ensuring each employee receives consistent and quality-controlled training.

Minimise travel costs

As well as saving your own time, training staff online saves your senior employees’ time as well. If you’re a multi-located business, your senior employees and other experts won’t have to travel to regional or remote areas to train new employees – and your new employees won’t have to travel to meet your experts either.

eLearning lets your experts create their perfect course with fewer time constraints. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that all courses delivered are consistent and every employee has access to the expert content they need to do their jobs.

Increase employee productivity

Using eLearning for your employees’ annual mandatory training will allow them to access their training any time, rather than having to leave their work area when it might not suit. Training in areas like safety, workplace behaviour or policy updates can be easily adapted into flexible eLearning courses.

Providing this mandatory training as eLearning will give employees the flexibility of using quiet periods and downtime to take their training. So instead of shutting down operations for a day-long department-wide training session, you can keep things going and rotate employees through training in shifts.

In this way, eLearning is an effective productivity tool which not only lets employees train at their own pace at a time that suits them, it allows the business to run efficiently and continually without having to stop work for training.

What’s the verdict?

Provided you have the right online training platform to suit your needs, your team will have access to on-demand, high-quality training when and where they need it. They’ll be happier and more engaged, and they may even stay with your company longer. You’ll save both time – since you won’t be training staff – and money – since you won’t be flying your experts around the country to train staff.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for a free trial of CourseGenius today to see how eLearning could really save your business money.  

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