How Drip Feeding Can Supercharge Your Employee Training


Why drip feeding?

Drip feeding involves scheduling the delivery of your online training content to employees in stages. This is a powerful content delivery model that has a lot of great benefits for organisations training their staff and employees. We explore just a few of these benefits in this article.

1. Build structured training programs

One of the greatest benefits of drip feeding is that you can build structured online training programs for employees at different levels. For example, you could build a program for new employees and drip feed a series of online induction training courses to them on topics like:

  • Welcome to the company
  • Introduction to the team
  • Safety and reporting incidents
  • Preventing bullying and harassment

You could start new employees on this program on their first day, or even sign them up earlier to give them a positive pre-onboarding experience.

The benefits of this structured training are not just limited to new employees – you can also build refresher programs for existing employees that drip feed relevant online courses through at regular intervals. You can also set expiry dates for access to these courses to ensure employees complete them in a timely manner.

2. Harness the power of microlearning

You can also use drip feeding to harness the power of microlearning, by breaking up existing online training courses into bite-size, digestible pieces. This is a great technique to apply to longer, older online induction training or other courses that are at risk of going stale or have low engagement from employees. You can repurpose the content into microlearning sequences of short online courses, creating a new and more engaging training experience for your employees. Microlearning is also a great way to cater to the shorter attention spans of employees in the digital age. 


3. Maximise employee engagement

Your employees are more likely to engage with your online induction training and other courses if you drip feed it to them in stages. This allows employees to pace themselves and complete the content during downtime or outside of work hours. In contrast, giving employees access to everything at once can often lead to cognitive overload, disengagement and procrastination. Creating a structured program or microlearning sequence and then drip feeding content over time will ensure employees engage, and stay engaged!

4. Improve employee retention

Investing time in comprehensive online training programs is also a great way to retain employees. Training is particularly important for millennials, who will make up more than 75% of the Australian workforce by 2025. Recent studies show that millennial workers swap jobs twice as quickly as workers from other generations, and that only 16% of millennials see themselves working for the same employer in 10 years time. Given the significant costs involved in recruiting, hiring and training new employees, this means it is critical to find effective ways to retain your millennial employees.

The great news is that millennials highly value training – even ahead of pay rises and flexible working hours! This means offering structured online training programs and microlearning is a great way to engage and retain your millennial workers.

5. Leverage automation to save time

Drip feeding provides an easy and reliable way to automate the delivery of online training to your employees. All you need to do is set up a structured program or microlearning sequence and allocate this to the employee. The employee will then receive each online course in stages as they complete the content – no additional admin time required!

Ready to get started?

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