Customer Corner: Training Staff Keeps Them Safe

HR and Safety Manager says up-to-date training keeps staff safe

Liza Jones is Human Resources and Safety Manager with leading Australian fragrance and bodycare company, ECOYA. She first encountered online training when she dealt with a large Australian corporate in a previous role – they used an online learning platform to efficiently train contractors.

When she realised the benefits could translate to smaller businesses too, she searched for a learning management system she could implement in a medium-sized business like ECOYA. She found CourseGenius in October 2015.

Just over one year later, Liza runs all her induction and product training online. Before a new employee steps onto the factory floor, they have completed both product knowledge and manual handling training – and with 140 different product types, online training saves her a lot of time.

“It's actually quite complicated understanding the products themselves,” Liza says. “I can use online training to explain where the product has come from and also the company’s foundation and the employee has time to take all the information in.”

Build on what works

Liza has been able to create her online courses from the training materials she previously used to run face-to-face training sessions. Before she discovered how easy it was to train her staff online, she used PowerPoint presentations and informal toolbox meetings.

One of the greatest benefits she’s seen since swapping to online training is that employees can learn at their own pace, when it suits them. She now has a library of online courses she can roll out as required.

 “If you're doing group training with PowerPoint presentations and a new person starts, you've to gather a whole new group and do it all again,” Liza recalls.  

“We have a lot of casuals coming through our business; it suits my needs having something that allows new employees to complete their inductions at a self-paced level.”

Safety first

As a HR and Safety Manager in a high-risk industry like manufacturing, Liza takes the steps she needs to ensure her employees – and the business – stay safe. She does this through ongoing online training.  

 “Being in manufacturing there are a lot of health and safety risks and so I include safety training in induction generally and then periodically employees complete online training in things like manual lifting techniques and bullying and harassment,” Liza says.

“For something like manual handling, you incorporate video content in the online course for more practical elements. At the same time you can talk about the biomechanics of procedures of how the spine works and how stress can be put on the spine by incorrect techniques through online content.”

Team using mobiles, tablets and laptops for eLearning

Making it work

ECOYA’s workforce ranges from millennials to workers in their sixties, and Liza has had to manage a range of expectations. 

“For some employees, who have come from a pen and paper background, it has been strange," Liza says.
"But other employees – new employees who've come from large businesses in our industry – have an expectation that you can provide proper training instead of the 1980s style of 'everyone do it this way' and that'll do.”

Streamlining means saving

For Liza, implementing online training was about bringing a level of consistency to their training processes and bringing technology to the forefront of the business. Saving money was just an added bonus.

“It was about streamlining our practices and being able to demonstrate that we are progressive and on board with moving forward as an organisation,” Liza says. 

It wasn't done as a money-saving exercise, but it did save money. Now I don’t have to send people to do a $300 external course in manual handling. Plus, they can do a course in an hour rather than taking four-to-five hours out of their day.

“It’s just not practical from a financial sense to have your whole workforce out of the workplace because it ends up adding cost onto your product.”

Continual improvement

Liza has used online learning to completely revamp ECOYA’s internal training. She no longer has to rely on external trainers and can effectively use her own time to implement training that will benefit her business – and its employees.

“­I would absolutely recommend using CourseGenius to HR and WHS Managers as it provides a quick and easy to manage training solution,” Liza says. “As HR Managers and WHS Managers we need to continue to strive for up-to-date training to keep our staff both engaged and safe at work.”

To find out how CourseGenius could help you and your business retain and engage staff, sign up for a free trial today!

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