Customer Corner: krunchbox is engaging, training and retaining customers using eLearning

krunchbox uses eLearning to train and engage their rapidly growing international customer base.

It’s well known online courses can be a lucrative revenue stream. eLearning is also a really efficient way to train your staff. But have you ever thought about how you could use eLearning technology to train your customers, too?

Sydney software company krunchbox is reaching more customers and maintaining their high-level of customer engagement using eLearning – no mean feat as the business rapidly expands internationally.

krunchbox is a business intelligence software company and their customer base consists primarily of wholesalers who use their tools to translate and maximise retail data. Within that customer base, however, there is a wide range of users, including sales reps, field and planning staff, supply chain workers and CEOs.

The company expanded into New Zealand and subsequently grew into the US two years ago, and it was at this point General Manager Lynette O’Grady says they realised their customer training model needed a revamp. Their diverse customer base coupled with the company’s rapid growth meant they urgently needed to redefine their training program to meet different users’ needs.

 “Our training was always one-on-one either onsite or via online remote – as we grew internationally this was proving to be more difficult to suit the availability of our clients,” Lynette says

“We wanted to give our customers the flexibility to do some of the training in their own time when it suited them. We also needed to give our team tools to communicate our training clearly with our customers.

“eLearning pairs wonderfully with our business model. And our need for it became more urgent with the growth of the business”

Finding a solution

eLearning had always been on the company’s agenda, and Lynette says they even spoke about creating their own eLearning platform. But like most growing companies, this wasn’t realistic as they were too busy with day-to-day business operations.

So rather than creating the eLearning software in-house, Lynette conducted her own research to find an all-in-one training solution that allowed her to:

  • create courses to engage her customers with her product
  • monitor learner progress
  • have a flexible user base, adding and removing users as needed
  • quickly update customers on new features using eLearning

Through her online research, Lynette found the CourseGenius platform met all her needs.

“As a tech company, it’s like a match made in heaven! We don’t have to do it internally when CourseGenius fits our model so well. The interface was easy to understand and we had a course up and running before the end of the free trial!” Lynette explains.  

eLearning pairs wonderfully with our business model.

Keeping it simple

Lynette and her team used their free trial to create a course and test all the features of the platform. Since successfully testing the waters, they have started to plan how eLearning can help them engage their customers and be a major contributor to their service strategy.

“While initially we built our first few eLearning courses quickly to prove the concept and measure uptake, (which we were thrilled with) we have now stepped back to plan out our framework and strategy,” Lynette says.

Our mantra is “Keep it simple” and as short as possible. We don’t want them to lose interest.

“We use different mediums within the course to teach. We use a combination of videos, pictures and questions throughout the course to avoid monotony.”

Streamlining superior service

krunchbox is using the CourseGenius platform to train their users in the “basic functionality” of their software, giving their specialised training and support team more time to work directly with clients. The company prides themselves in their superior customer service, and eLearning allows them to maintain their high service level goals. They can also monitor users’ progress and identify any areas that need special attention – something eLearning can help with too.

“Streamlining our training processes has improved our client service levels,” Lynette says.

“When we implement a new client we can monitor how the new users are understanding our tool and can correct any issues early.

We can respond quickly to training needs and can deliver different levels of training and support.

“Our sales team used to fly interstate to conduct big training sessions for days on end. Now the basic training is done remotely and when the sales team make interstate trips, they can spend quality time with our customers.”

Retaining with retraining

Using CourseGenius is also opening doors to new ways to help retain customers, like training existing customers promptly in new features and introducing a re-engagement strategy.

“We can reach more krunchbox users and when we release new features we can show them how to make the most of them quickly,” Lynette says. 

“We can react quickly to our customers’ staff changes so it’s a seamless transition for them too.

“We have our own internal tools to show which customers have dropped off in their usage, and we can then use an eLearning course to re-engage them.”

“Options at our fingertips!”

Having now created their first suite of courses, Lynette and her team can easily react to their customers’ needs and have more ways to connect and engage with their users. They are delighted to have found a solution to their growing business’ customer training needs.

Implementing CourseGenius was easy and the support team there were fabulous. They were patient with our questions and were extremely helpful when we were setting up the first course.

“I’ve probably spoken to colleagues more about CourseGenius in the past month than anything else!

It’s rejigged how we react to the training needs of our customers and gives us more options at our fingertips.”

If you’d like to see how eLearning can help you in your business, sign up for free trial of CourseGenius today!

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