Champion Positive Workplace Culture with Training

Bullying statistics highlight importance of online compliance training.

Last month’s ABC report on the $85 million class action against marketing giant Appco might have come as a shock to some employers. Former employees allege they were paid as little as $6 per day after expenses, made sleep in overcrowded bunks when on work trips and forced to wear chicken suits and dance in front of colleagues if they didn’t meet their targets.

This case – and its potential ramifications for business – should come as a cue to educate your staff on the importance of acceptable workplace behaviour.

Bullying can cost you money

Lawsuits aside, Safe Work Australia estimates that work-related stress and bullying can cost Australian employers up to $693 million each year. They suggest that “proactively addressing bullying and harassment issues by promoting appropriate workplace behaviour” is one of the most effective ways of managing and preventing a bullying culture in your business.

Safety is in your hands

The Appco case highlights the importance of developing defined company policies and procedures for both safety and behavioural issues. It also draws attention to your need as an employer to be fully across your employees’ activities when they are acting on behalf of your company. Even if Appco was unaware these practices were taking place, they, along with all employers in Australia, are obliged to provide a safe working environment for both workers and contractors free from hazards and harassment.

Manage your managers

Your supervisors and team leaders are your first point of contact to uncover and address any undesirable behaviour within your company. They should already be aware of your bullying and harassment policies and understand their role in adhering to them (if they don’t, then they might need a refresher!). By handing the baton to supervisors and senior staff members to champion your company’s culture, they will encourage new and younger staff members to do the same.

Where to start?

Start with training. It sounds like a simple solution and it really can be. Online training is more accessible and affordable than ever before and platforms like CourseGenius make it even easier. Our online suite of compliance courses is the perfect starting point for your organisation’s compliance training, with courses in Workplace Health and Safety, Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace and Social Media and Electronic Communications available now. The legally compliant content can be used as standalone training or in a blended learning approach as you onboard new staff members. It can also serve as refresher to current managers and employees.

If you already deliver face-to-face compliance training in your organisation, you can use CourseGenius to create your own customised elearning suite, saving you delivery time and keeping your business compliant.

Sign up to access free, on-demand samples of our compliance courses here or speak to our Australian-based support team for more information on 1300 880 200.

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