5 Ways Drip Feeding Content Can Boost Your Online Course Sales


What is drip feeding?

Drip feeding is all about scheduling the delivery of your online course content to your learners in stages, so they don’t get the content all in one go. Drip feeding is a powerful content delivery model and has lots of great benefits for businesses selling online courses, and their learners!

Here are just some of the fantastic benefits of drip feeding your course content.

1. Automate and save time

If you offer online programs that need to be completed over several days, weeks or months, drip feeding provides an easy and reliable way to automate the delivery of this content. Learners buy one course package; then receive each course in the package in stages as they complete the content – no additional time required! This means you have more time to spend on creating, marketing and selling online courses, rather than administration.

2. Boost your revenue

You can also collect more revenue up-front when you leverage drip feeding. For example, you might be selling 10 short online courses for $50 each, and your average learner buys 2 courses for $100 total. Now imagine if you packaged all 10 courses together and sold them for $475, then drip fed the courses to the learner over time. This would boost the value of your average purchase by over 400% and give you more revenue in your pocket up-front, without adding any additional admin burden.

3. More options for selling

You can offer learners more options for purchasing your online courses by offering them as different packages. Let’s say you are selling online courses on how to succeed at social media marketing; 4 courses for beginners, 4 at an intermediate level, and 4 for advanced marketers. In addition to selling these courses individually, you could also offer three course packages – for beginners, intermediate, and advanced – each containing four courses.  You could even offer a “master class” containing all 12 online courses to take your learners from beginner to expert!

More options means learners are more likely to find something that suits their needs – and will be more likely to buy from you! 


4. Build customer engagement

Your learners are likely to engage more with your online course content if you drip feed it to them in stages. It allows learners to pace themselves and complete the content at a rate they are comfortable with. In contrast, giving learners access to all the course content at once can often lead to information overload and immediate disengagement. Creating a structured learning plan and then drip feeding your course content is a sure fire way to avoid this and ensure learners engage, and stay engaged.

5. Bring customers back for more!

Learners are also more likely to retain and use the information they learn in your online course if it is drip fed, rather than provided all at once. This will improve the value learners get from your courses, and make them more likely to buy from you in future!

How to get started

If you are ready to see how drip feeding content can help you sell online courses, why not give it a go? CourseGenius offers a fully featured 30-day free trial that includes the ability to drip feed your online course content. Learn more on our help portal, or start your free trial today!

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