5 Questions to Help Sell Your Online Courses

How to sell your online courses using marketing

You know your course is great – you’ve put time, effort (and a bit of money) behind it and it’s the best course you’ve ever created. You’ve built it, so they’ll come. Right?

Creating your course is just one step in the journey to successfully selling your online courses. The next step is effectively marketing your course to the right people.

Before you even consider how you are going to promote your course – online (probably), face-to-face (maybe) or via social media (definitely) – ask yourself these five questions.

1. Who needs to learn what you can teach?

Figuring out your target market is the first thing you need to do, no matter what type of course you’re selling. Knowing who would want to buy your course opens the door for you to explore where and how best to go to market. Finding your customers and targeting them where they are is the key to successfully promoting and selling your online course to your audience. If you’re selling to 25-year-olds, for example, you might be best placed to advertise or post on Instagram, showcasing your learning outcomes with eye-catching photos. If you’re selling to middle-aged accountants, positioning yourself with valuable content on shared on LinkedIn or published in industry magazines might be your best approach.

2. Who are you and why should they listen?

The next thing you need to do is to really figure out who you are and why your courses are better than anyone else’s on the market. In other words, what’s your point of difference? Maybe it’s that you have 20 years’ experience in the field, or you are the go-to international expert in a specialised area. Or maybe your local knowledge sets you apart. Once you know what makes you different - that’s positive and valuable to your target market - you can develop a strategy to get the word out and begin to effectively sell your online course.

3. What stories do you have to you tell?

Everyone has a story. Your story might include some very happy customers or people who have benefitted from your knowledge in the past. Your prospective learners will love to hear from real people you have helped. Sharing these stories – as well as your own company’s journey – is a big part of getting buy in from people. Gathering feedback from your past customers will be invaluable to creating your brand’s story and positioning you as an eLeader in the eLearning field.

What problem is your online course solving?

4. What problem does your course solve for the learner?

If you’ve created a new course – or updated an old one – you probably feel it will solve a problem in at least one person’s life. Think about what this problem is – personal, professional, or a combination – and how does your course help? In your marketing story, you can touch on both the problem AND the solution. 

5. What have you done before? What worked and what didn’t?

If you’ve ever gone to market with a product or service before, think about your experiences then. What did you do and how well did it work? Gather the lessons you learned from your past efforts and make sure to put them into practice this time. Learning from experience – and practice – is the cornerstone of successful marketing.

Once you know the answers to these five questions, you can begin to think about your basic marketing plan, then you’ll be on your way to take the eLearning world by storm and start selling your online courses.

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