4 Reasons to Create and Sell Online Courses

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The Internet is opening the world up for knowledge sharing and business diversification, and online training – with its scalability and global reach – is looking like one of the most lucrative online business models of 2017.

There are many reasons you might want to sell courses online and embark on an online training project of your own – from sharing your knowledge with the world to giving your business some oomph by generating more leads and revenue.

Here are 4 reasons people decide to create and sell courses online (and why you should too!)

1. They want to share their knowledge with the world

Creating and selling courses online opens up your business’ doors to a global market and connects you with a group of customers you could only dream of reaching otherwise! Expanding your business to sell courses online will help you to reach more people than ever before and educate them about the value of the services you offer.

Sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge through online courses has another added benefit – that you can position yourself as a leader in your chosen field. Creating and selling an online course that is valuable to your prospective customers will help to build your credibility before they have even spoken to you!

2. They want a new way to market their services

Maybe reaching global markets isn’t your goal and you’ve decided to sell courses online to promote the services you already deliver. Selling online courses will give you a whole new way to market your services and introduce yourself to new customers. You’ll provide them with snippets of useful information which will in turn expose them to your experience and the other services you provide.

You can use your courses as a lead magnet and give them (or parts of them) to potential customers for free, which will help you form a positive relationship with your customers from day one. You’ll have the added bonus that they’ll be familiar with your brand and therefore more willing to hear about your other services as a result. 

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3. They want a reliable way to qualify their leads

If you promote your services or business online, you probably receive hundreds of leads each year through online forms, your website and even your Facebook page. Qualifying these leads and identifying your potential customers can prove to be somewhat tricky, especially if you’re a sole trader or you operate within a small team.

If someone purchases an online course from you for $100, however, they are showing a real interest in what you have to offer. You can probably class them as a warm, if not hot, lead who may be interested in buying your other services once they have completed your course.

Creating an online course in just one area of your expertise could save you hours, since you can focus your attention on warmer leads that are more likely to become paying customers, rather than trying to qualify hundreds of cold ones.

4. They want to make more money

There are few people who can deny they really want to make a few extra dollars – and starting to sell courses online is an excellent way to do this. Although you’ll spend some time at the beginning creating your online course, once it’s set up you can just sit back and watch the dollars (and the news customers) roll on in!

These are just four reasons you might want to sell courses online – there are so many more! Why did you decide to sell courses online?

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